Sew Many Memories Bespoke Keepsakes from Thistle Cottage, Lititz PA





22" Teddy Bear  $120

18" Teddy Bear  $95

18" Dinosaur  $95

18" Lion  $95

18" Patchwork Pillow  $75


22" Memory Bear  $120

18" Memory Bear  $95

18" Memory Pillow  $45

18" Patchwork Pillow  $75


-  Baby Bonnets

-  Felt Booties

- First Christmas:

  * Fuzzy Jammies Ornament  $18

- Lace Cross  (Pink or Blue)


Tooth Fairy  $23

Headband Slides 5 for $20

Felted Purse Starter Set

Baseball Cap Starter Set

Winter Hat Starter Set

Additional Mix & Match Sets

  - Holiday Fun Set

  - Floral Fun Set

  - Spring Fun Set

  - Summer Fun Set

  - Fall Fun Set

  - Winter Fun Set


Tooth Goblin $23

Baseball Cap Starter Set

Winter Hat Starter Set

Additional Mix & Match Sets

   - Holiday Fun Set

  -  Sports Fun Set

  -  Spring Fun Set

  -  Summer Fun Set

  -  Fall Fun Set

  -  Winter Fun Set

  - Animals Safari Set


- Parents Hankie Set

- Grandparent Hankie Set

- Personalized Drawstring Bag

- Lace Cross (white)


Girl Scout Wall Hangings

  -  Daisy Blue

  -  Brownie Brown

  -  Girl Scout Green

Boy Scout Wall Hangings

  -  Cub Scout Blue

  -  Boy Scout Brown

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 Custom Embroidered Memory Bears & Memory Pillows! 

Transform and Preserve your Loved One's clothing into a Personalized Keepsake, with a Huggable Memory Bear! 

Perfect for those outgrown Baby Clothes! 

We also make Remembrance Memorial Bears & Pillows. 

Choose the 18"or 24" size

Elf on The Shelf is Here! 

Many colors to choose from!  

Only$9 each

Includes FREE shipping!

Each Elf also includes FREE Frameable Poem!

Elf on the shelf custom accessories are so much fun! 

Order yours Today!  

1. Elf Bed

2. Elf Wagon

3. Kissing Booth

4. Snowballs

5. Airplane

6. Door

7. Camping

Fabrics may vary Slightly

Elves not included


Baby's First Christmas Ornaments!

Made to look like Fuzzy Christmas Jammies: Custom Ornaments are 4" Tall and 3.5" wide. Choice of colors: Blue, Pink or White

Tooth Fairies for Little Girls!

Tooth Goblins for Little Boys! 


Customized Tooth Pillows are 9"-10" Tall and come with a front "tooth" pocket to place your child's tooth. 

In the morning, the tooth can be replaced with coins!  

Variety of color choices to please both boys and girls! 

Front "Tooth Pocket" can also be monogramed with an initial!



Any 5 for $20

Your Little Girl will LOVE these removable Headband Sliders to Mix and Match with her school outfits!

Each is approximately 3.5 inches large. Made of Felted wool/polyester. Fits a 1/4" wide headband. Colors may vary slightly from photos shown.

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