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Snowman Face Applique Pattern.pdf Snowman Face Applique Pattern.pdf
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I made twenty-one of these cute holiday pajama tops for all of our children and grandchildren for Christmas Eve this year. They were very easy to make, and relatively inexpensive (less than $10 per set). Although this was not my idea (I saw a photo online); I could not find a pattern of it anywhere...So I made my own pattern. I am sharing it above, as a PDF. There is still plenty of time to get a few of these completed before spring (or before next Christmas)! Happy sewing!


White T-Shirt or Sweatshirt
Dark Blue Fabric Swatch (4" x 4")
Orange Fabric Swatch (2" x 6")
Black Fabric Swatch (3" x 6")
White Embroidery Floss (12" x 6 strand)
Large-Eye Embroidery or Sewing Needle
Heat & Bond (heavy duty)
Iron and Ironing Board



Machine Applique: Sewing Machine, Coordinating thread 


Pre-wash a white t-shirt or sweatshirt, to remove any fabric sizing. Iron to remove all wrinkles.

Print out the PDF pattern above. It's best to use heavy card stock, as it's easier to trace. Cut out each color-coded pattern piece (7 pcs. total).

Iron your colored fabric pieces to remove any wrinkles, and allow them to cool. Attach fusible web to the back (wrong side) of each piece of fabric; per manufacturers instructions. 

Using a pencil, trace the PDF pattern pieces to the color coordinated fabric pieces (blue eyes= blue fabric, orange nose= orange fabric and black mouth=black fabric). TIP: I traced my pattern pieces on the wrong side (paper side) rather than trying to draw on the fabric.

Cut out fabric pieces. Remove fusible web backing (paper). Hand Stitch embroider a white "X" on each eye, as shown above (and also on the pattern pieces). 

Arrange eyes, nose and mouth pieces on the shirt, per the photos above, into a snowman face shape.

Press with a warm Iron using a "silk" setting, WITHOUT steam; per fusible web manufacturer's instructions. 

You may choose to applique around each, using matching thread and zig-zag stitch to ensure they will not be removed during washing.